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To save you time we have provided answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

If you cannot find the question you are looking for, please contact us.

1. How long does it take to manufacture a new carton?

A new carton can be manufactured within 7-10 working days depending on your artwork requirements. Plain cartons usually take about 5-6 working days. In urgent situations a reduced lead-time can usually be met, but may include extra charges.

2. Do you have a Representative to visit me?

Yes, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, we have a customer service team that can assist you.

3. Can I get a Sample Carton before I place my carton order?

A sample carton can be made using our CAD Design and cutting facility, or from our stock items. This is for you to check that the size and cardboard grade suits your requirements. Samples are free of charge in the majority of cases. If the sample requires specifically / individual designed features there may be a design fee applicable. This will be written on your quotation before commencement. Stock Samples of most cartons are available for Free.
Delivery of the samples would be at cost of the customer if out side of the South East QLD area. There is NO REFUND for cost of Delivery for samples.

4. How long does it take to get a Quotation on my packaging requirements?

Once we have all your packaging requirements, we are able to get most quotations out within 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity of your needs. In a more urgent situation please Contact Us.

5. Is CBS affiliated with Amcor or Visy board?

No, we are an independent company, wholly owned by an Australian family who have combined experience of 45 years in the packaging industry.

6. Which areas in Australia does CBS supply its services and packaging?

CBS distribute Australia Wide. To enquire about delivery to your area please Contact Us or see Shipping and Returns information tab.

7. Why don't you have a specified price for Delivery?

CBS work on the individual order for delivery. We don’t like to give a base price as this would not be beneficial to the small items in our warehouse. Therefore once you order, and you want it delivered, we will contact you via email or phone to let you know the cost of the delivery. This will give you an accurate cost for your individual order.

8. How do I measure a box?

We have posted an article for this separate question, please go to the information tab at the top of the page or click here How to measure your box?.
Any further queries please Contact Us

9. Do you provide Free Quotes for corrugated cardboard packaging and design services?

Yes we do. Our Free Quotes are No obligation. No job is too big or small.

10. Do you have standard sizes?

We have over 100 standard sized cartons in our online catalogue for you to purchase now. Alternatively you can download our PDF version of our catalogue.

11. If I buy more do I pay less?

Our online ordering service allows you to see instantly what you pay for what quantity. Of course the more you buy the less per grouped quantity it will be. As for producing new products, the longer the run size the better the price per unit, so we can pass the savings on to you.

12. What is flute?

  • A-Flute : Flute thickness of 4.7 mm
  • B-Flute : Flute thickness of 2.5 mm
  • C-Flute : Flute thickness of 3.6 mm – Depending upon the stacking strength, puncture resistance , crush strength required for the carton, one of the above three commonly corrugations are used in single-wall, general-purpose cartons. A-Flute has excellent stacking Strength, B-Flute has good puncture resistance and C-Flute has the optimum combination of both.
  • E-Flute: Flute thickness of 1.5 mm – This is generally used for light applications such as Pizza Boxes, Mailers, Shoe boxes etc.
  • BC Flute – This flute is a double-wall combination made from one B-flute, single-wall sheet and one C-flute, single-wall sheet. The result is a strong corrugation used when extra thickness or stacking strength is needed.
  • AC Flute – This flute is a double-wall combination made from one A-flute, single-wall sheet and one C-flute, single-wall sheet. The result is a very strong corrugation used when extra strength is needed.

13. Do you have minimum quantities?

Due to having a CAD Design and cutting facility in-house, we can provide you with very small quantity runs, though the cost for one item can be the same as for 50, due to the set up costs.

14. How many cartons are on a pallet ?

  • This is dependent on the size of your cartons. But we will make sure it is the most possible to minimise your freight costs. We are also able to limit the height to suit special requirements. E.g. Pallet racking systems, Interstate freight etc.

15. How many colours can I have on my cartons?

4 Colour Process or CMYK is now available for all Carton products that we manufacture. UV ink is also another option.
Call us for a quote today.

16. Is there a charge for Artwork?

Artwork costs are incorporated into the price for your printing plates; this will includes proofs that are required to be signed before we proceed with any manufacturing. Supplied art will still be proofed out after preparing it for plating, in case of human error whilst changing it to the specified file type.

17. Do you supply free samples of cartons?

With many products on our warehouse floor they are bundled in various quantities, making it hard to give out samples. However, we do have a CAD Design and cutting facility, which is able to design and cut out a sample of your desired item. Conditions apply; please call us for more information. Delivery / Postage is charged to the customer for all samples with no refund on the postage.

18. Can you arrange delivery or am I able to use my own preferred carrier?

No problem, please advise us at the time of quoting you and we will arrange an ex-factory price if you prefer, otherwise we will quote you with delivery included.


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If you have a question that we have not listed, please Contact Us via email or phone and we shall assist you in any way we can. We will update our FAQs periodically.