Two Piece Cartons (Lid & Base)

Commonly referred to as continuous printing cartons. The base & separate lid are closed with four flaps on the bottom and the top left open. Each lid is made to fit comfortably over the base carton.

EG: Base: 285 x 190 x 230mm high Lid: 295 x 200 x 230mm high

  • All prices listed per unit
  • Sold per carton of 25 units
  • Minimum order 50 units (2 cartons)


$3.00$3.60 + GST



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Additional information


Base: 215mm x 215mm x 233mm – Lid: 225mm x 225mm x 233mm, Base: 251mm x 220mm x 250mm – Lid: 261mm x 230mm x 250mm, Base: 285mm x 190mm x 230mm – Lid: 295mm x 200mm x 230mm, Base: 285mm x 260mm x 255mm – Lid: 295mm x 270mm x 180mm, Base: 310mm x 255mm x 232mm – Lid: 320mm x 265mm x 155mm, Base: 325mm x 222mm x 254mm – Lid: 335mm x 232mm x 254mm, Base: 362mm x 222mm x 254mm – Lid: 372mm x 232mm x 180mm, Base: 385mm x 290mm x 180mm – Lid: 395mm x 300mm x 180mm

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