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How to Measure a Box or Carton

Measuring boxes is as easy as 1-2-3. Box measurements always corresponds to the INNER dimensions of the box. This is done to ensure a snug and protective fit around your product.

Simply measure the length, width, and depth (or height) of what you would like to pack and express the measurements in milimetres. Make sure to give the dimensions in this order:

1. length – is a longer panel

2. width – is a shorter panel

3. depth – is a vertical panel (always measures distance between TOP and BOTTOM)

Allow a minimum of 3mm extra to each dimension for the fitting . Be sure that the length and width do correspond to the opening of the box.
TOP and BOTTOM sides of the box are always those sides containing openings (flaps). When giving a 3-number measurement, please be sure to specify which number is the Height – thus it will be understood that the other 2 are Length and Width.

You can also provide us with a board size of the box. To do this fully open out the carton until it is just a single flat sheet and measure the length and width of the board. This board size is very useful when quoting for die cut boxes.

For Sizes and Pricing please contact our friendly customer service team to discuss your requirements further.

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