Cartons Die Cut – Brown

Die cut cartons for posting / shipping
small items

All various designs, please ask for sample if concerned with design.

Uprighted and secured without using any packaging tape, saving time and money.

Color: Brown – C Flute

ALL Prices per Carton – Sold per Pack – 100 cartons per Pack

Note: Pictures are not an exact representation of all the products. ALL DESIGNS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT.
IF CONCERNED ABOUT BOX DESIGN: Email us for a PDF of the design of the box you want or request a sample.


Die Cut Cartons are also available in White – Here

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Die Cut Brown Cartons

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

110mm x 110mm x 170mm – C Flute, 110mm x 110mm x 30mm – C Flute, 110mm x 75mm x 60mm – B Flute, 120mm x 80mm x 120mm – B Flute, 1360mm x 130mm x 70mm, 150mm x 150mm x 35mm – B Flute, 150mm x 150mm x 90mm – B Flute, 158mm x 78mm x 97mm – B Flute, 160mm x 120mm x 30mm – E Flute, 165mm x 120mm x 40mm – B Flute, 166mm x 76mm x 35mm – B Flute, 170mm x 150mm x 55mm – B Flute, 170mm x 70mm x 70mm – B Flute, 170mm x 75mm x 38mm – B Flute, 170mm x 80mm x 75mm – B Flute, 180mm x 120mm x 120mm – C Flute, 180mm x 120mm x 180mm – B Flute, 180mm x 80mm x 80mm – B Flute, 200mm x 120mm x 100mm – B Flute, 200mm x 150mm x 100mm – * – XS, 205mm x 130mm x 55mm – B Flute, 205mm x 205mm x 105mm – C Flute, 210mm x 120mm x 65mm – B Flute, 210mm x 148mm x 80mm – C Flute, 220mm x 115mm x 45mm – B Flute, 220mm x 115mm x 90mm – B Flute, 220mm x 160mm x 50mm, 220mm x 160mm x 75mm, 220mm x 175mm x 90mm – B Flute, 220mm x 190mm x 45mm – B Flute, 225mm x 220mm x 110mm – B Flute, 228mm x 195mm x 105mm – B Flute, 230mm x 120mm x 80mm – B Flute, 235mm x 155mm x 55mm – B Flute, 240mm x 190mm x 125mm – B Flute, 242mm x 183mm x 74mm – B Flute, 245mm x 180mm x 40mm – B Flute, 255mm x 85mm x 75mm – C Flute, 265mm x 265mm x 120mm – B Flute, 270mm x 130mm x 30mm, 280mm x 280mm x 88mm – B Flute, 280mm x 50mm x 50mm – C Flute, 288mm x 248mm x 40mm – B Flute, 290mm x 210mm x 100mm – B Flute, 300mm x 100mm x 100mm – B Flute, 300mm x 120mm x 120mm – B Flute, 300mm x 150mm x 85mm – B Flute, 305mm x 205mm x 50mm – C Flute, 305mm x 205mm x 75mm – B Flute, 305mm x 207mm x 88mm – B Flute, 305mm x 230mm x 50mm – B Flute, 310mm x 140mm x 152mm – B Flute, 310mm x 305mm x 110mm – B Flute, 320mm x 225mm x 75mm – B Flute, 330mm x 160mm x 160mm – B Flute, 330mm x 250mm x 25mm – B Flute, 330mm x 255mm x 20mm – B Flute, 330mm x 330mm x 120mm – B Flute, 355mm x 250mm x 37mm – B Flute, 356mm x 250mm x 100mm – B Flute, 360mm x 210mm x 95mm – B Flute, 360mm x 250mm x 200mm – B Flute, 360mm x 260mm x 70mm – B Flute, 375mm x 100mm x 130mm – B Flute, 385mm x 200mm x 255mm – B Flute, 420mm x 360mm x 95mm – B Flute, 450mm x 330mm x 110mm – B Flute, 457mm x 324mm x 50mm – B Flute, 467mm x 254mm x 84mm – B Flute, 475mm x 230mm x 55mm – B Flute, 480mm x 400mm x 50mm – B Flute, 485mm x 150mm x 85mm – B Flute, 485mm x 310mm x 90mm – B Flute, 490mm x 320mm x 90mm – B Flute, 540mm x 295mm x 155mm – B Flute, 710mm x 140mm x 55mm – B Flute, 81mm x 73mm x 65mm – B Flute

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